Crown Lifting

One of the most common requests for tree pruning is to get more light into your garden and neighbouring areas.

In the UK the sun is at a lower angle for many months of the year and no matter how hard one reduces a trees height, it still blocks out the sun. Sometimes the best solution is to raise the crown of the tree by removing some of the lower branches to allow more light to come underneath the canopy of the tree. This can also be a more long-term solution.

Each situation is different, so give us a call and we can help you make the right choice.

Care must be taken not to remove too many of the lower branches however, as this can adversely affect the balance and stability of the tree. Think of all the branches on a tree’s trunk working together to absorb and dampen the wind; remove too many and the tree becomes ‘top-heavy’ and begins to sway around a lot more than it did.

Councils require the lower branches of trees be at a certain height above ground level to ensure sufficient clearance for users, this is enforced under the Highways Act of 1980.

This is 2.4 metres for over a footpath and 5.05 metres over a road.

So if your tree overhangs public carriageway and you have been given a letter from your local council requiring you to prune your trees, contact us to arrange a site visit and get a free quotation.

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