Tree Surveys

We produce professional reports, surveys and advice on all tree related matters.

Tree Safety Reports

Every land owner in the UK has a duty of care to make sure that they have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of anyone entering or using their property. This comes down to whether the risk was foreseeable and that you had taken the necessary steps in preventing it.

By calling us out to inspect your trees, you have fulfilled your duty under the law, and the risk is transferred from you to us! We are fully insured with professional indemnity insurance so that our advice and recommendations are accountable and in line with industry best practice.

The level of service we provide can vary to suit the situation and your budget. Ranging from a full written report to a simple quotation specifying the necessary remedial action.

Tree Surveys and Recommendations

Every tree is individually numbered and located on a site map. Some of the basic information below is recorded on a survey schedule

  • Species and common name
  • Height
  • Crown spread
  • Age class
  • It’s health and structural condition
  • Comments
  • Recommendations and an appropriate timescale
  • Re-inspection interval. Some trees will be every year depending on condition and risk levels and some might be every three years or longer

Insurance and Mortgage Reports

More and more insurance companies these days are requiring a tree report before they will renew or insure a property or building. We can help you with this and arrange for this to be carried out every year, or as often as required, so that you don’t have to call us.

Planning reports

Planning applications often need a formal tree report. Either for building works and development sites or for submitting a tree works proposal.

Contact us or give us a call for some advice and to see how we can help.