Tree Felling

Tree felling
A large tree felled in one section
Tree Felling: In our urban landscape trees often have to be removed, this can be for a number of reasons.
  • Safety concerns – Firstly, we can expertly assess your tree to determine its condition. Therefore making the necessary recommendations if it is no longer safe and poses a risk to people and property.
  • Development – Space is at a premium in our ever-growing world. So trees often have to make way for new buildings, extensions and other landscaping projects.
  • Regeneration – Sometimes a tree has simply just become too large for its surroundings. Or it is the wrong tree in the wrong place and the only sensible option is to remove it and start again, replanting with a more suitable species for the location.
  • Damage to property – As trees age, thickening of trunks and roots can exert direct pressure on built structures. Leading to damage such as cracks. Tree roots can affect the moisture content in shrinkable clay soils. As the water is taken up out of the soil, it shrinks. Depending on foundation age, depth and type this can lead to movement causing structural damage to the building. This can in some cases be managed by a crown reduction of the tree rather than removing the whole tree. Contact us and we can expertly advise you on the best course of action.
Before works take place, each tree to be felled and tree felling site is inspected and risk assessed. This information is used to put together the best method and plan of action suited to your situation. Listed below are the four different ways trees can be removed.
  • Advanced rigging systems comprising of ropes, pulleys and friction management devices are installed into the tree. So that each section cut is lowered to the ground in a safe and controlled manner. This approach is used where space underneath the tree is limited. Or there are lots of obstacles in the way (sheds, buildings, fences, other plants etc.). This helps keep disruption to surrounding areas to an absolute minimum.
  • Sectional tree felling techniques are used where the trees are a bit smaller or the site less complicated. Cut branches are held and thrown down to a designated landing zone in a safe and controlled manner. You will be amazed at how accurate and efficient this process can be when used in the right situation.
  • Where space and the situation allows, whole trees can be felled from the ground in one with expert precision.
  • Mobile elevated work platforms and cranes can also be used to increase the safety margin. Sometimes trees are just too dangerous for us to climb safely. Either from significant structural defects, advanced states of decay or they have uprooted in stormy conditions and are resting against other trees or buildings.

At Green Industree, we have over twenty years experience in removing large, dead and dangerous trees. With our extensive technical background and methodical approach you can be assured that the works will be completed safely, efficiently and with minimum fuss to you and those around you.

All of our rigging and climbing equipment is regularly checked and thoroughly inspected in accordance with LOLER regulations. All staff are properly trained and experienced.

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