Tree Planting

We believe in planting trees!

Not only do they give us the air we breathe, but add massively to the amenity value of the areas we live and work in.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a tree that you planted a few years down the line knowing that it is there to be admired for generations to come.

Planting the right tree in the right place at the right time, is perhaps the most important bit of advice one can ever have. This helps to avoid potential problems in the future and minimises the need for costly interventions or even the removal of the tree entirely.

With our background in Horticulture, we can assist you on the most suitable choice of tree or shrub for your project.

We can source the tree and install it for you; equally if you’d prefer to source it yourself we’d be happy to prepare the site and plant it for you.

All trees sourced and planted in accordance with British Standard BS:8545 – Trees: From Nursery to Independence in the Landscape.

Want to get into Tree Planting? Contact Green Industree and lets grow trees!