Crown Reductions

Crown reductions are usually required where a tree has outgrown its location or for managing the risk. Listed below are some of the more common reasons for making the canopy of a tree smaller.
  • Improving light levels to your own property and neighbouring properties.
  • Maintaining the tree for the space it has available to it, so that it doesn’t outgrow its location or interfere with other trees or buildings.
  • Sometimes a tree has an irregular shape. A well specified reduction can leave a pleasing and more balanced end result.
  • Managing building subsidence related issues.
  • Making the “wind sail” area of the trees canopy smaller to place less force on any structurally weak parts. Often recommended as a management strategy where heartwood and or root decay fungi are present. Or where there is an unacceptable level of risk involved.

Crown reductions used to be specified in percentages. But this can be very vague and leads to a lot of confusion about how much 20% or 30% really is, as well as some badly over-pruned trees! We tend to rather specify the length of the sections that will be removed or the estimated remaining tree height or branch length. This gives you a clearer picture of what to expect. Furthermore we use a laser pointer at the site visit to show you exactly were we would propose to make the pruning cuts, making sure that is what you want and need.

Pollarding is a maintenance practice where all growth is stripped back to a framework of main trunks and branches on a cyclical basis every few years. This is most often carried out on street trees, but it does have its place in the garden and depends on tree species.

One point we always make very clear when talking about crown reductions and pollarding is that trees do grow back! Certain species like Sycamore, London Plane, Poplar and Willow are extremely fast growers. A poorly advised works specification can often make for a denser tree than before. Here our expert advice is key to helping you make the right choice to suit your management objectives.

Each and every tree is different. We believe and have learnt over the years that by listening to the tree, also following the natural pattern of growth and branch structure, rather than forcing a set percentage or literally drawing a line through it, we can re-shape and make them smaller, more compact whilst still having them look like trees. This is an art form and takes years to master.

With over 20 years experience we guarantee the quality of our work. Also, you will be satisfied with the end result.

All works specified and carried out in accordance with the BS:3998 The British Standard for Tree Works.

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